Bulksmsonline.com offers an incredibly convenient dashboard that provides you with comprehensive insights into your SMS messaging activity. Here are some of the key features available on our dashboard:


1. **Total Send SMS Monitoring:**

   - Easily monitor the total number of SMS messages you have sent today, providing you with real-time information on your daily messaging activity.


2. **Balance Tracking:**

   - Keep a close eye on your account balance, ensuring that you have sufficient credits to continue sending SMS messages as needed.


3. **Overall Send SMS Count:**

   - Track your cumulative SMS messaging activity since the time you began using our platform. This feature provides an overview of your historical messaging performance.


4. **Reporting Capabilities:**

   - Access a range of reporting options that empower you to gain deeper insights into your SMS messaging campaigns. Generate reports on:

      - Sent SMS messages: Understand the delivery status and performance of your sent messages.

      - Group SMS messages queue: Monitor the status and progress of SMS messages in your queue.

      - Balance reloads: Keep a record of your account balance reloads for financial transparency.

      - Total payment transactions: Review comprehensive reports of your payment transactions for billing and accounting purposes.


Our dashboard is designed to streamline the monitoring and reporting of your SMS messaging activities, providing you with the data and tools needed to make informed decisions and optimize your messaging campaigns.