Understanding the performance and effectiveness of your Bulk SMS campaigns is crucial for business success. Stats and reports offer actionable insights, revealing the effectiveness of your messaging strategy.


At Bulksmsonline.com, we provide a plethora of stats and reports to empower your business. Here's a quick rundown of the various reports available on our platform:


1. **Sent SMS Report**: Offers details on dispatched messages, including SMS content, Date, Type, and more. You can also tailor reports by selecting specific dates, senders, and contact numbers via the "Get Full Report" button.

2. **Queue Report**: Displays messages awaiting dispatch, detailing sender information, message type, file name, and more.

3. **Scheduled Messages**: Highlights messages planned for future delivery, with details akin to the Sent SMS Report.

4. **Payments Report**: Chronicles all payments and transactions, with data on transaction dates, amounts, buyer names, and other specifics.

5. **Balance Change History**: Outlines how your credit balance has evolved, listing previous balances, amounts added or removed, and more.

6. **Today’s Stats**: Provides a daily snapshot of message dispatches, segments, and credits used.

7. **SMS Summary**: Gives an overview of all messages sent, detailing sending dates, countries, operators, and associated costs.

8. **MNP Lookup Report**: Delivers insights on the portability status of customer networks, along with error descriptions, roaming statuses, and more.

9. **Number Validation Report**: Shows verified numbers for your campaign, detailing country codes, network names, operator types, and more.

10. **Dashboard Stats**: Offers a holistic view of SMS usage, from delivery rates to top messaging destinations.


All these reports can be conveniently exported in multiple formats, including Excel, CSV, and PDF.


Encountering issues or have questions? Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team.