Bulksmsonline.com offers you a seamless method to upload your pre-compiled contact list directly into your dashboard. Here's a step-by-step guide to ensure a smooth experience:


### **1. Preparing Your Document**: 

Ensure your contact list is appropriately formatted for the dashboard's acceptance.


   **a.** Begin by opening a new text file using the notepad.exe application on your computer.


   **b.** Paste your contact list into the text file, ensuring they adhere strictly to this format without any spaces or additional characters:







   **c.** Once entered, save the document as a .txt file.


*Kindly note*: For "File Manager" uploads, your file should not exceed 50K contacts. However, for "Group & Personal Contacts" uploads, the limit is 1,000 contacts.


### **2. Uploading to the Dashboard**: 


   **a.** Log in and navigate to your dashboard, then select the “Favorites” tab.


   **b.** Choose either “Group & Personal Contacts” or “File Manager” based on your preference.


   **c.** If opting for “Group & Personal Contacts”, click on an existing group or establish a new group. Select the group and then click “Import Contacts”. For those using the “File Manager”, navigate to the “Upload Files” section and upload directly.


It's worth noting that if uploaded via the “File Manager”, your contacts will be located in the “Bulk Files” subsection under “Send SMS”. However, if uploaded through “Group & Personal Contacts”, they will be categorized under “Personal Group”.


Should you have any questions or encounter challenges, the support team at bulksmsonline.com is always available to assist you.