Crafting personalized SMS messages enhances user engagement and delivers a more tailored experience to your recipients. To set up such dynamic messages, follow the steps below:


1. **Prepare Your File**:

   - Begin by creating an Excel or CSV document.

   - Ensure the columns start with phone numbers, followed by up to three additional columns containing the specific message content you wish to personalize.


2. **Navigate to the Platform**:

   - Head to your platform and select the “SMS Application” tab.

   - Click on the “Personalized Messages” option.


3. **Set Up Your Message**:

   - Upload the previously prepared Excel or CSV file.

   - Enter the name or number in the "Sender" field.

   - Select the appropriate message type.

   - In the message box, incorporate the personalized content by using placeholders like { Value 1 }, { Value 2 }, and { Value 3 }.


4. **Finalize and Utilize**:

   - Click on the “Save” button.

   - You can now leverage this personalized message template when you go to the “Send SMS” section.


This method ensures your audience feels recognized and valued, leading to better engagement rates.