Please review the following checks to ensure a successful SMS sending experience:


1. **Sender ID Check:**

   - Verify your Sender ID to ensure it is correctly formatted. Keep in mind that Sender IDs are case-sensitive.

   - Be aware that certain countries may have restrictions or specific requirements for Sender IDs. Familiarize yourself with the regulations of the target country.


2. **Receiver Numbers Check:**

   - Confirm that the recipient numbers in your contact list include the full country codes.

   - Ensure that the recipient numbers are valid and active. You can use our HLR (Home Location Register) lookup services to validate the status of recipient numbers and identify which numbers are valid.


3. **Credits Balance Check:**

   - Verify your credit balance to ensure you have enough credits to cover the SMS messages you plan to send. Inadequate credits can lead to message delivery failures.


4. **Internet Connection Check:**

   - Ensure that your internet connection is stable and active. A reliable internet connection is necessary for accessing and using the platform effectively.


By following these checks, you can enhance the success and efficiency of your SMS messaging campaigns and reduce the likelihood of delivery issues.