Bulksmsonline.com offers customers the capability to send extended SMS messages to their recipients, with SMS lengths extending up to 5 parts. The division of long SMS messages into parts is determined by the type of SMS message being sent.


For SMS messages composed using the English alphabet, each SMS message part can contain up to 160 characters.


On the other hand, Unicode SMS messages can accommodate 70 characters per SMS message part.


It's important to note that when these long SMS messages are received by the customer, they appear as a single, consolidated message. However, charges for long SMS messages are determined by the number of parts into which the message is divided. For instance, if a message exceeds 160 characters in the English alphabet, it is considered a two-part SMS message, and two credits will be deducted accordingly.


For further information on different types of SMS messages and any country-specific restrictions, please consult the additional resources provided on our platform.